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Size Placing Price
728 x 90 Header (SOLD) $75/ month
125 x 125 Sidebar [N/A]
300 x 250 – Sidebar Sidebar (1 slot available) $55/ month
300 x 250 – Footer Center Footer (1 slot available) $25/ month
Custom Anywhere As per need Contact us

Rules / Term & Condtions

1. We don’t accept illegal or adult advertising.

2. Payments should be made in advance.

3. All pricing are in USD

4. Gif allowed, All links will be nofollow

5. No refund will be made after ad placements

6. One month = from date to date i.e. 28 February to 28 March

7. Final decision will be made by our staff, If we want to accept your ads or not.


Last Updated: April 16, 2014