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Do you have good traffic and visitors are clicking on your outbound links? I think you need to change your mind because these outbound visitors can get you money.

Yes, you heard it right. You can really make good money with those exit link traffic or outbound traffics via links. Today I will recommend some sites which are trusted, real and pays for each click.

I am not going to add a huge list of shorten url and earn money sites, my list is short and sweet which I have personally used and got paid from them.

My List Of Best Shorten URL and Earn Money Sites



Adfly is the oldest and trusted shorten url and earn money site.

They pay good rates for almost all countries.

$5 minimum payout via Paypal.

Different tools to get more clicks and improve your earnings.


2. LinkShrink 

Trusted and fully tested program.

Detailed earning statistics.

Good payout rates

Minimum withdrawal of only $5. Get paid with PayPal or Payza within hours of funds request.

Ads that don’t distract your visitors.



High CPM rates with global coverage

User-friendly integration and wide range of tools

Minimum withdrawal is $5 for PayPal and $20 for Payoneer.

PayPal and Payoneer payments



4. P.PW

Good Payout rates for most of the countries.

Multi-Shrink, Browser APP, Full Page Script, Website Entry Script

Integrate with Google analytics

Minimum payout $5 (paypal) and $10 (payoneer)



Here are some helpful tips:

  • Take advantage of Facebook. If you have an awesome site or blog that you can share with your friends, shrink it first with above site list.
  • Use forums. Reach out to people on a forum and help them by answering their questions. Then, shrink any website URLs with above site list and make sure to incorporate them in your post. However, be careful not to spam or your account will be suspended. Remember this golden rule when taking advantage of forums or communities: never violate forum rules.
  • Maximize your opportunity with Twitter. If you have many followers on Twitter, then shortening URL is just perfect for tweeting money-making links.
  • Use venues where you usually post links. Be innovative and get paid by them each month!
  • Please read Terms and Conditions of each shorten URL and Get Paid sites. We are not responsible for your account getting banned.

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We are constantly looking for more such sites, If we find something better we will add it here. Thanks for reading and please share if you like 🙂