Exit Junction Review – Monetize Exit Traffic

ExitJunction is your innovative, non-intrusive solution that pays High eCPM rates for your site’s exit traffic. Exit Junction helps you in monetizing exit traffic (i.e. relevant ads will be shown on leaving your website.)


Exit Junction Review


Monetize your exit or bounce traffic

All international publishers are approved( US, UK, India, France, etc)

Quick Sign Up – Fast Approval Link

Easy to implement ad code

Works along with adsense

Get paid via Paypal, Check or Wire

$25 minimum payout mode for Paypal publishers


Nothing Yet

ExitJunction Details

Network Type: CPC
Ad types: Banners
Payment Methods: Paypal, Wire, Check
Minimum Payment Threshold: $25
Payment frequency: NET 30
Conflict with other programs and/or exclusivity: None
Requirements / Restrictions: N/A
Website URL: www.exitjunction.com

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Exit Junction Review – Monetize Exit Traffic
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