PopUnderTOTAL Review 2015

PopUnderTOTAL is a Premium pop-under ad network. PopUnderTOTAL will maximize your advertising revenue with cutting-edge pop-under technology.



Premium high paying campaigns

No minimum traffic required

Minimum withdraw amount of $1.00 USD via PayPal or $500.00 USD via Wire transfer

Withdraw requests are processed within the same day

Approval in less than 2 hours for your websites.

Real time bidding technology to insure the maximum amount of money for each view.

100% fill rate, worldwide

24/7 live support

Payment Proof: Click here


Fairly new network but paying.

PopUnderTOTAL Details

Network Type: CPM
Ad types: Pop Under
Payment Methods: Paypal, bank wire.
Minimum Payment Threshold: $1
Payment frequency: On request
Conflict with other programs and/or exclusivity: None
Requirements / Restrictions: Contact support
Website URL: www.popundertotal.com

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PopUnderTOTAL Review 2015
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